Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

HZBOCON has been only focus on the control system for ETO sterilizer (EO sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet), upgrading the functions, components to avoid the disadvantages, and also related equipments.

Sterilization Equipment

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Control System

System design standard  EN1422, ISO11135-2014.  

Support dynamic device status display.    

Support the process pop-up window function so that the operation of the system can be seen at a glance.  

Management function supporting process formula.  

Query and print support for the historical curve.

Eto sterilizer control system

ETO Scrubber

Preheating Room

Aeration Room

Automatic Transmission Device



Hangzhou Bocon Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., developed & researched the Ethylene Oxide (following: EO) sterilizer in 2006, till now we have produced the equipment for over 18 years. We already passed the ISO9001-2008, ISO13485-2003, and CE, which provide a reliable guarantee for the quality of our products. Our products have already been exported to Japan, Pakistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Iran, South Africa etc. The market share rate increasing year by year.

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Supply installation drawings.

Equipped installation and testing service.

Supply technical support all time.

Training how to operate the machine.

Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Upgrades to improve the performance of equipment.

Process optimization for current and future customer's product.

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Storage, Handling, And Use Of Ethylene Oxide For Sterilization And Fumigation
Storage, Handling, And Use Of Ethylene Oxide For Sterilization And Fumigation
California Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Code -Storage, Handling, and Use of Ethylene Oxide for Sterilization and Fumigation
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Design Requirements For Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilization Areas
Design Requirements For Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilization Areas
Air Changes, Exhaust Requirements, and Ventilation Requirements for ETO Sterilization Equipment Room
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What Medical Devices Can Be Sterilized With Ethylene Oxide?
What Medical Devices Can Be Sterilized With Ethylene Oxide?
Ethylene oxide (EO or ETO) is a gas commonly used to sterilize medical devices and products chemically. Due to its low-temperature conditions, ethylene oxide sterilization is well suited for medical devices with embedded electronics and medical devices that cannot withstand steam (autoclave) sterilization. Ethylene oxide is also used to sterilize the personal protective equipment and drapes used by doctors and healthcare workers. Medical device types that are sterilized with ethylene oxide range from external wound dressings to implantable stents. Other devices include heart valves, vessel closure devices, catheters, and guidewires. Products combining devices, drugs, and biologics within a single item may also be sterilized using ethylene oxide.
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