Hardware Of Sterilizer Control System

Split type composition:

separate power cabinet local control box+ computer desk

The split cabinet is suitable for the occasion when the power cabinet needs to be separated from the computer due to local regulations etc. When power cabinet needs to be centralized in the power room, but the control computer needs to be centralized in the central control room.

Integrated  type composition:  _x000b_Power cabinet with IPC +Local control box

It is suitable for occasions where there is not enough space to use because the integrated cabinet integrates the functions of the computer desk, document cabinet, and power cabinet. It is especially suitable for single control system layout, and will not appear inconsistent.

Control composition:

Monitoring screen HMI

Special System for Data Reporting

Main control PLC

Local Auxiliary Control PLC

Local operation box

Software Of Sterilizer Control System

Management function of process formulation.

Dynamic device operation status display support.

Process pop-up window function support to make systhe tem running process clear at a glance.

Query and print function of historical curve support.