Swing Sterilizer

This machine is a high-tech integrated product that fully complies with GMP requirements. It is primarily used for sterilizing suspensions and emulsions. Throughout the entire process, the machine operates stably with a good seal. The loading system is driven by the drive unit.

Our precise design and refined processing technology ensure that your products achieve optimal sterilization results.

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Structure & Capability & Characteristics

Vessels is designed to the China National Standard -GB150《Steel Pressure Vessel》
National patent door interlock device.
National patent sealing technology- closed inflatable seal ring with compressed air.
Control system is integrated by PLC+ HMI, advanced function for recording,printing and storing.
The heat insulation layer is made by aluminium silicate.
The GMP validation port is provided for insertion of 16 temperature sensors for validation.
Independent temperature monitoring system

Main Parameters& Utilities

Design Pressure


Steam Pressure


Working Pressure


Water Pressure


Design Temperature


Compressed Air Pressure


Working Temperature


Pure Water Pressure


Heat Equilibrium


(Rotation Speed


Description: This machine represents a high-tech integrative product that fully complies with GMP standards. Primarily used for sterilizing suspensions and emulsions, it operates smoothly with excellent sealing throughout the entire process. The loading system is driven by the drive unit, ensuring efficient operation.

Key Features:

  • Technology Integration: Incorporates advanced technology.
  • GMP Compliance: Fully meets Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.
  • Sterilization Focus: Specializes in suspensions and emulsions sterilization.
  • Stable Operation: Ensures stable performance during operation.
  • Sealing Quality: Provides excellent seal integrity.
  • Drive Unit: Propels the loading system for enhanced efficiency.
  • Precision Design: Offers precise design and exquisite processing technology.
  • Optimal Sterilization Results: Ensures the best sterilization outcomes for your products.

If you have any specific requirements or need further details on particular aspects of the machine, feel free to provide additional information for a more tailored response.