Description: This series represents a new-generation steam sterilizer that also operates as a washer. The process involves seven steps: soaking, washing coarse, washing fine, dehydration, sterilization, drying, and cooling. By precisely controlling temperature, pressure, and time, dressing materials are rapidly and effectively sterilized and dried.


  • Multifunctionality: Acts as both a sterilizer and a washer.
  • Seven-Step Process: Soaking, Coarse Wash, Fine Wash, Dehydration, Sterilization, Drying, and Cooling.
  • Efficient Sterilization: Ensures quick and effective sterilization of dressing materials.
  • Applications: Suitable for pharmaceutical factories and hospitals.
  • Versatility: Functions not only as an autoclave but also as a washer.

This product offers advanced capabilities for sterilizing and washing dressing materials, catering to the needs of pharmaceutical facilities and hospitals with its dual functionality.

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Steam Sterilizer and Washer

This series represents a cutting-edge steam sterilizer capable of doubling as a washer. The process entails seven distinct steps: soaking, coarse washing, fine washing, dehydration, sterilization, drying, and cooling.

With enhanced temperature, pressure, and time control, dressing materials undergo rapid and efficient sterilization and drying procedures.

Ideal for pharmaceutical factories and hospitals, this product serves both as an autoclave and a washer, offering versatile functionality for various applications.