Precondition Room And Aeration Room

Precondition Room

Before the EO sterilization process, preheating and humidifying the products in the precondition room in advance, can effectively shorten the heating and humidifying time of the products in the sterilizer.

Temperature (±3 °C) and humidity (5÷10%) uniformity

Forced air circulation and positive pressure inside the room to speed up that transfer and heat penetration.

Precise control, high level of automation, parameters records.

Relatively simple construction and fast installation.

Easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Low investments, low use cost, and energy consumption.

The preheating room and ETO sterilizer volume ratio is normally 1:1.

Aeration room

After EO sterilization, the product can be put into the aeration room, which can accelerate the removal speed of EO residue after sterilization. Meanwhile, the efficiency of the sterilization cabinet is improved.

Forced hot air cleaning and negative pressure keeping accelerate the residual ethylene oxide parse out.

Stop heating, and exhaust fan running to avoid inhaling EO during loading and unloading for more safety.

Temperature uniformity of ±5 °C, exhaust temperature control for maximum energy saving.

Low investments, low energy consumption and use cost, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.

The preheating room and ETO sterilizer volume ratio is normally 1:1, 3:1, or 4:1.