portable steam sterilizer 24 liters autoclave 18 liter sterilization

1.Sterilizing course: Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to operate.
2.Maximum temperature: up to 134 ℃, suit for 4-6 minutes rapidly sterilizing.
3.Safe protection of water lacking.
4.With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device
5.After sterilization it will automatically cut the power and then alarm.
6.Fully stainless steel structure.

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The Technical Superiority Of Sterilizer

What should we attention when use autoclave sterilizer

Precautions When Using Autoclaves:

  1. Avoid Sterilizing Unsuitable Materials:

    • Caution: Do not sterilize waterproof or water-resistant materials like oils or powders.
  2. Optimal Loading Practices:

    • Prevent Overcrowding: Do not overcrowd the autoclave with vessels and equipment.
    • Shift-Wise Sterilization: Sterilize equipment in shifts to ensure effective results.
  3. Appropriate Bag Usage:

    • Use Autoclavable Bags: Only use autoclavable bags for packaging and sterilizing wastes.
    • Avoid Aluminum Foils: Do not use aluminum foils for sterilization.
  4. Chamber Capacity Awareness:

    • Avoid Overfilling: Do not fill the autoclave chamber up to the lid.
  5. Operational Safety:

    • No Opening During Operation: Never attempt to open the autoclave while it's in operation.
    • Secure Lid Closure: Tightly close the lid for proper sterilization and maintain a completely closed condition.
  6. Material Compatibility:

    • Avoid Non-Autoclavable Materials: Do not use regular plastics or trays in the autoclave.
  7. Materials Prohibited for Autoclaving:

    • Strict No: Never autoclave flammable, reactive, corrosive, toxic, or radioactive materials, household bleach, or paraffin-embedded tissue.
  8. Water Level Consideration:

    • Appropriate Water Filling: Fill the water in the steam generator up to the volume where it touches the end of the autoclave vessel or chamber.

Additional Information:

  • Understanding Equipment:
    • It's essential to comprehend the use and principles of the equipment.
    • Understanding the science behind autoclaves ensures better operation and troubleshooting.
    • Knowledge of the equipment enhances overall safety and efficiency in laboratory settings.

These concise guidelines provide essential information about autoclaves, emphasizing proper usage and safety measures. Understanding the equipment ensures a better grasp of its functionality, promoting effective and safe practices in the laboratory.