Hospital Laboratory ETO Sterilizer

To sterilize the instruments in the cavity with ethylene oxide gas for fumigation under certain.  To sterilize the instruments in the cavity with ethylene oxide gas for fumigation and sterilization of instruments in the cavity under certain temperatures, pressure, and humidity. Ethylene oxide can kill a variety of microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, and fungal spores. It is generally believed that it can produce non-specific alkylation with the protein, DNA, and RNA of microorganisms, resulting in microbial death, so it has the advantages of broad-spectrum sterilization, strong penetration, thorough sterilization, no damage to the articles, easy preservation after sterilization and so on.

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The Technical Superiority Of Sterilizer

The Main Technical Characteristics

Precise and Reliable

The sterilizer adopts the pneumatic control to open and close the door. The door lock linkage device ensures the automatic opening of the door after finishing the sterilization process. Do not need the operators to operate, save time and effort. The PLC circuit design is precise and reliable. The

German Siemens PLC completely controls the whole process of sterilization which is accurate and safe. The thermal printer can print the sterilization data in real time. And the sterilization data can be stored in a USB disk permanently.


Continuous Monitoring Over Temperature

Two Temperature Choices ( 55W and 37T2). The error during the sterilizing process is ± 2T2. When the temperature sensor detects the offset temperature, the temperature protection device automatically starts up, audible and visual alarms will appear and text will display on the screen, at the same time the heating will be interrupted to protect the sterilization items. The sterilizer cavity will be heated by electric heating sheets from six sides. Meanwhile, the heating sheets of the door will be controlled independently by the PLC so as to ensure the uniformity and reliability of the temperature inside the cavity.


Humidity Control

The humidity sensor is open and displayed throughout the sterilization process. According to the set value of humidity, the humidifier humidifies the inner cavity evenly by way of pulses multiple times under the vacuum condition. The humidity will be detected automatically to ensure the value is not less than 40%.


The Negative Pressure Sterilization Process Providing a Guarantee for Safety

The sterilizer always keeps the relative negative pressure during the sterilization process to ensure that the gas does not leak. If leakage occurs, the equipment automatically enters the stage of cleaning and removing the residual gas, and at the same time, it will give an acousto-optic alarm.


Automatically Puncture the Gas Tank Controlled by the Pneumatic

Use a special one-time 100% pure ethylene oxide tank to remove the risks of transportation and operation. Only when the chamber door is closed completely, the pre-vacuum, and the humidity reaches the preset values, the system will automatically start the dosing device and release the EO gas by piercing the gas tank.


Excellent Residual Gas Removal Function by way of Hot Air Analysis and Fresh Air

The cleaning function is to deliquate the EO gas with hot air and then discharge all the residual gas. This process can be set for 3-99 times. Residual gas removal function is to continuously discharge the only residual gas by entering the fresh air under micro negative pressure (1- 99 hours setting at random).


Discharge Methods

Directly discharge the residual gas to the atmosphere -The special exhaust pipes extend directly to the roof of the building, while the discharge is unobstructed.

Floor Drain Discharge - Patented water detoxifiers can convert ethylene oxide gas into other components that are discharged through separate sewers (third-party testing reports).


Unique Memory Function

Sterilization information can be recorded after a power failure, and the sterilizer will automatically identify the remaining program to continue working after a power reboot.


Model   BCS-L  78L BCS-L  138  BCS-L 238   Model   BCS-L 600L  
Overall Size   900*710*1400 880*950*1450 1050*1050*1600 overall size   1050*1260*1860
Chamber Size 420*300*610 430*380*840 500*500*950 chamber size 1000*700*860
Chamber Volume 78L 138L 238L chamber volume 600L
Power Supply 220(200)V;50(60)HZ 220(200)V;50(60)HZ 220(200)V;50(60)HZ Power supply 220(200)V;50(60)HZ
Power   1.4KW 2.3KW 3.4Kw power   7.5KW
Chamber Material SUS304 SUS304 SUS304 chamber material SUS304
Humidity Tank Water Capacity 600L 800L 1500L humidity tank water capacity 1500L
Exhaust Mode direct exhaust/floor drain direct exhaust/floor drain direct exhaust/floor drain exhaust mode direct exhaust/floor drain
Total Weight 320kgs 540kgs 640kgs Total weight 800Kgs
Sterilization Pressure - 60kpa - 60kpa - 60kpa sterilization pressure - 60kpa
Sterilization Humidity   40%-80% 40%-80% 40%-80% sterilization humidity   40%-81%
Sterilization Temperature 37︒C & 55︒C 37︒C & 55︒C 37︒C & 55︒C sterilization temperature 37︒C & 56︒C
Sterilization Cycle (Total) 55︒C:8-10hours 55︒C:8-10hours 55︒C:8-10hours sterilization cycle(total) 55︒C:8-11hours
37︒C:10-12hours 37︒C:10-12hours 37︒C:10-12hours 37︒C:10-13hours


A remote control system can be installed according to customers' demand

※ Optional double doors

※ The pipelines of this sterilizer which the ethylene oxide gas will go through are all 304 stainless steel seamless pipes.

Optional traceability system